Orbotron 9000

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Orbotron 9000

Postby Doosh » November 03 2015, 17:51 PM

Hi There

Questions for people who have purchased the Orbotron 9000:

Where have you purchased the Orbotron 9000 from? Was it Thingotron Labs (ie. the web site below)?


I have tried contacting Thingotron Labs a few times using their contact us method, and have had no replies.

My concern is:

Does the company exist, and are they reliable?

My question that I send Thingotron Labs was to answer what the device looks like. The reason being is that on Thingotrons web site the Orbotron 9000 is just a drawings which looks like the one in the link below:


But at the following link below, there is a picture of the Orbotron 9000 which looks slightly different to the one on Thingotrons web site.


The difference looks like being that on the photo, there is a micro USB port which is used to connect to the PC, where as the drawings on the Thingotrons web site looks like the USB connector is a pin-head connector.

Can any one assist if Thingotron exists and is that the place to purchase the Orbotron 9000. And can anyone verify what the Orbotron 900 looks like, and what type of connection port it has to connect to the PC? Is it micro USB, or other, and lastly is Thingotron reliable (as I note the company is not replying to messages).

Thank you in advance for your replies.


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Re: Orbotron 9000

Postby vputz » December 11 2015, 2:46 AM


REALLY sorry for the delay in responding! The Jaycrowe site was up and down and the traffic is so slow I forget to check it.

I am Thingotron Labs, as it were. I'm really sorry the "contact us" isn't working! As you may have noticed from a couple other posts, the store has recently moved (although it was on its old servers when you tried) so I'm experiencing a few problems.

> Does the company exist, and are they reliable?

"Yes", and "somewhat"-- it's just me, and keep in mind the Orbotron is my only product and it doesn't exactly fly off the shelves, so shipping can take a day or so as I shuffle it into my day job, but I'm reliable in that sense and more than willing to answer questions and work with people if they've had any trouble with it. The funny thing is, I actually don't use the orb that much myself, but I admire it and so the Orbotron is a real labor of love, and I really want to see it work.

> But at the following link below, there is a picture of the Orbotron 9000

> which looks slightly different to the one on Thingotrons web site.

Hmm, the link's not working (aw, Spacemice! I did the Hidsporb library, the Orbduino, and now the Orbotron...). Ah, ok, I found it on their site! [url]http://spacemice.org/index.php?title=Orbotron_9000[/url]... and on the Thingotron site (ACK EVIL HARDCODED LINKS WILL FIX STORE TOMORROW): [url][/url]. They're actually the same, but the 3d rendering had pins where the micro-USB connection is. If you saw a bigger square one, that's the kit version.

So the SpaceMice photo is accurate though I made a very small revision (IIRC) to use a narrow version of the serial-to-ttl converter so it's just a teeny bit shorter. It's a micro-USB connection AND I HATE THAT CONNECTOR IT'S IMPOSSIBLE TO GET IN THE RIGHT POSITION WITH TWEEZERS AAAAUGH (yes, I hand-assemble these because the volume's so low getting them made isn't worth it yet).

PM me here if you have any more questions, and I'll try to fix the store issues in the next few days.

Really sorry for the delay!

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