Spaceball support?

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Spaceball support?

Postby mchalflung » May 07 2006, 6:26 AM

Just got my hands on a Spaceball 5000 USB for CAD stuff at work. I've been searching everywhere for some game control support but there seems to be nothing. Pretty surprised really since there's thousands of 3d game developers using these puppies to make games.

Anyway, Spaceware looks like it might be the best bet for getting Spaceball supoprt and I noticed a couple of others mentioned it on the messageboard.

So, just wondering what the likelihood is of this happening? Anyone else looking for the same thing?



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Postby Talan » May 13 2006, 12:50 PM

Unfortunately, Spaceware (the software) does not provide drivers for the CAD orbs to be used as game input devices. SpaceTec/Logitech/3D Connexion has also said repeatedly that they are not going to make such drivers, so the only hope is writing our own.

I have the SpaceBall protocol pretty much figured out, and with some of my own code plus Viktor's driver source code, I think I can cobble together a driver for it once I get done with my current projects.

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