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Any SpaceOrb users still around?

Posted: August 07 2007, 19:35 PM
by countryatheart
I have been tied up with my job, home, family plus my computer was taken out by lighting and I’ve been out of touch with the SpaceOrb community. I have recently built a new computer and haven’t installed my Orb because I don’t know if it works with the newer games that are out now. If anyone is playing new games with the Orb I would like to hear from you.


Re: Any SpaceOrb users still around?

Posted: July 10 2008, 22:40 PM
by Whodda
Hey Ron,

I know this post is almost a year old but I've been in Iraq and have finally returned to my normal life. I still have my stash of orbs and I have used mine in Iraq. I built me a cube PC to take with me and pretty much played HL2 and UT2K4 when I got the time. I haven't tried any of the new games with the orb since my return. I built me a new PC and plan on trying out Crysis, Bio Shock, COD Modern Warfare and UT3. I will update this post if I have any luck.


Re: Any SpaceOrb users still around?

Posted: March 28 2009, 9:53 AM
by countryatheart
Hi Tim,

Thanks for your reply, sorry about being late with my reply to your post. I found it this morning as I was reading through old post on the messageboard.

I hope you’re still interested in playing games with the Orb, Victor Putz has designed a device that converts serial gaming devices to USB HID plug-and-play. When you have a chance check out his post under “The ultimate orb solution, at last”.


Re: Any SpaceOrb users still around?

Posted: August 19 2011, 9:39 AM
by ironbman
Hi all, my name is Steve and i have been a long time orb user (have two of them) and i just stumbled back to this board to find it was still active WOW!!

I have just ordered two orb shield kits and am probably going to need some help setting things out so i hope i can count on the community :D

Thanks once again to Jay and Victor for all ther hard work :)

Re: Any SpaceOrb users still around?

Posted: March 27 2012, 12:02 PM
by silentguy
I'm a new convert to SpaceOrb, SpaceBall, SpaceMouse.

Got them working in part thanks to this Discussion board, and vputz's Orbshield.