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Oblivion now supported

Posted: October 05 2007, 14:28 PM
by Sparky
I'm sending Jay the scg for Oblivion. It works great. One note though; any key in the game bound to Left Alt, Right Alt, Left Ctrl or Right Ctrl can't be programmed in the Orb software. The Ctrl and Alt sent from the Orb software just doesn't seem to work. In the default configuration I have "Sneak" bound to the "L" key instead of Left Ctrl because of this. This is really no big deal, there are plenty of other keys left on the keyboard :)

Re: Oblivion now supported

Posted: October 21 2007, 8:34 AM
by jaycrowe
I did add your oblivilon.scg to the WebUpdate section, so anyone that uses that feature of the Spaceware will have access to your file.

I'll have to look at the ALt and CTRL key support. It's been so long since I wrote the kb/mouse utility that I can't even venture a guess without reviewing the code! :wink:

Re: Oblivion now supported

Posted: October 21 2007, 12:52 PM
by jaycrowe
What did you use for the control/alt key aliases? You should use:



VK_LMENU for Left ALT key

VK_RMENU for Right ALT key

They seem to work (at least outside of Oblivion)