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SpaceMouse Cursor tool

Posted: March 29 2012, 18:19 PM
by silentguy

This is a link to SpaceMouse Cursor tool.

With this software I was able to get SpaceMouse, SpaceBall, and SpaceOrb 360, assigned to keyboard buttons.

You can map any button or Axis movement to a Key on your keyboard.

I had to use 2.82 3DConnexion drivers.

I was able to get the software to work on Windows 7 32bit.

Didnt get a chance to try Windows 7 64bit yet.

It could be useful for some older keyboard only games.

The SpaceMouse Cursor tool doesn't however map mouse axis movement, so it's not quite as good as an OrbShield/Arduino combination.

However, you can still get some use out of your old Serial devices by mapping them to keyboard keys.