Back in Stock (20180819)

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Back in Stock (20180819)

Post by vputz » August 19 2018, 15:30 PM

SORRY for the delays. 8 more are in stock and I'll start the pipeline again for another build and more boards. Whew; sorry it took so long! Turns out having a baby takes a lot out of every part of your life.

I tried Forsaken Remastered from Steam, but unfortunately it doesn't support control remapping. I think you could get there through x360CE, but the developers openly state that they'll only support XInput. To me, this is a bit of a copout, since many recent 6dof games like Overload, NeonXSZ, and Retrovirus supported the Orbotron just fine. That's disappointing, but ForsakenX still works quite well if you want to scratch that particular itch. If I have time (HA!) I might work on an X360CE remapping for Forsaken, but it will probably just disappoint.

Good times. I'll try to put the hardware files online in the next week or so.

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Re: Back in Stock (20180819)

Post by flauzus » October 09 2018, 11:55 AM

Did I miss the boat again? The web-store says they're out of stock. ... duct_id=54

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