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by clutch
October 27 2012, 17:13 PM
Forum: Spaceware Software
Topic: New run of orbshields
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Re: New run of orbshields

So...I'm back. And I work for the company that makes the OS in question, as a field engineer for Windows. As such, I was wondering how this is playing with Windows 8 (I've found some games I genuinely enjoy that might make my 3 Sporbs useful again) and I'm catching up on the hardware interface to ma...
by clutch
December 04 2008, 17:21 PM
Forum: Spaceware Software
Topic: Windows Vista
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Re: Windows Vista

Wow, it's been a LONG time since I've been around to the old site. So, since I just got a Dell Mini 9 that I'm running Vista on, I thought I'd try Forsaken on it with the Orb. This could be an issue. Good thing I still have 3 of these Orbs around, eh? :-)

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