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by Macgyv
October 10 2006, 22:08 PM
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Topic: Doom 3 Precision Button
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Doom 3 Precision Button

I'm having problems with the precision button setting. After I set it to "Chord None + D" and save my settings it keeps jumping back to the default setting when I reopen the customizer. Any thoughts?

by Macgyv
October 03 2006, 20:37 PM
Forum: Game Specific
Topic: new halflife2 game
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I found a solution that seems to work. Instead of removing these lines, you just need to change one of them.

Change joy_advaxisy 5 to joy_advaxisy 0.

It seems the new game doesn't like the 5 variable. Anyone know what this is - swim up/down or jump/crouch?


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